#project330: Treble

I can hardly believe there are just five days left of this project and five days until I enter a new decade of my life.

If you didn’t meet me until my 20’s, chances are you don’t know an integral part of my youth: Music.

When I was 5, I began playing the violin, and I continued taking lessons religiously until my mid-teen years, when I picked up the guitar with the help of a friend. Additionally, I sang in the children’s and teen choirs at my church, and I loved anything involving music.

I’ve played the violin and guitar off and on ever since. I find something incredibly comforting in losing myself in music, whether it’s a classical piece or the latest Top 20 chartburner, it’s simply fun. Add in lyrics to whatever song I’m playing, and I am a happy girl.

I try to indulge myself in it as often as possible, which is why you can hear me singing as I work or strumming one of my instruments of choice any given day…

#project330: Treble // Erin Parker Photography


Birthday Girl: Erin Parker
Special thanks to our new bookshelf for holding me and all my music-related accessories up for this shoot.
Executive Producers: Erin Parker and John Pham
Photographed on location in Dallas.

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