#project330: Sisterly Beauty Routine

We continue #project330 this afternoon with another image capturing my life as it currently is.

And today, my sister guest stars and shows one of the things I request of her every time we are in the same town…

I realize it sounds a bit ridiculous, but there’s something comforting in someone doing your hair and/or makeup.

And my sister is pretty awesome at both, so I request her help to pretty-fy my locks because, well, I’m not so good at curling my hair solo. More often than not, Leigh obliges, transforming my locks from a frazzled disaster into sleek curls. It’s quite impressive.

This isn’t just a beauty routine — it’s a way for us to catch up. While we chat nearly daily, spending time together in person, no matter the activity, is a blast, and more often than not, we end up howling with laughter as we discuss this, that and everything in between.

And while we’re quite serious in our photo, trust me: We have a pretty darn good time together, no matter the activity.

Thanks for helping your big sister out with her out-of-control hair and with so much more, Leigh Leigh!

#project330: Sisterly Beauty Routine // Erin Parker Photography

Birthday Girl: Erin Parker | Special Guest: My sister, Leigh
Special thanks to our mother for letting us rearrange her bathroom for this shoot.
Executive Producers: Erin Parker and John Pham
Photographed on location in Memphis, Tenn.

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