#project330: Shelby Farms Trail Run

I’m a runner.

My parents are runners, too. Whenever I visit my hometown of Memphis, I like to run with my parents. My mom and I will put in miles around her neighborhood. And my dad and I make a special effort to go running at our favorite spot in town: Shelby Farms. It’s a gorgeous, giant green space in the city limits that is covered in various trails and hosts a ton of local and more exotic wildlife.

We braved spiderwebs, poison ivy and various critters to find the perfect spot with the perfect early morning lighting. We then set up my tripod, focused the lens, then ran. And ran some more. And again. Then we took some silly outtakes for good measure. Because that’s how we roll.

#project330 Shelby Farms Trail Run // Erin Parker Photography

Birthday Girl: Erin Parker | Special Guest: My dad!
Special unseen guests: Boatloads of poison ivy and spiderwebs near the trail.
Special thanks to my camera’s shutter for not going out, as we feared it might have gone kaput during this shoot.
Executive Producers: Erin Parker and John Pham
Photographed on location at Shelby Farms in Memphis, Tenn.

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