Friday Favorites

Happy Friday // Friday Favorites from Erin Parker Photography

Happy Friday, everyone!

Who has big weekend plans? Strangely enough, I don’t, and I’m thrilled about the prospect of a quiet weekend, as I’ll have time to get some work done that I’ve been putting off and cook a ton of things, as well. (Y’all know that I’ve been sharing my favorite recipes at my food blog, The Speckled Palate, right? If not, I’d love for you to check it out, and let me know what you think!)

All right… So who’s ready for another round of Friday Favorites?

Let’s get this thing started…


Odds & Ends

  • A little girl got more than she paid for after dropping a coin in a hat for a bassist. Check out this impressive symphonic flash mob that performed some Beethoven for unsuspecting listeners.
  • I want to look at these behind-the-scenes Harry Potter images daily. They make me so happy.
  • As a person with curly hair, I understand all these problems.
  • The World Cup has officially started! And the NYTimes created an amazing interactive piece entitled ‘Spot the Ball.’ Go play, and tell me how you did! (I didn’t do so hot. Surprise, surprise.)

So I’ve gotta know: What are you loving this week? Be sure to leave a link in the comments section so I can check it out!

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