Best Of 225: Dining | Tsunami

Continuing in the Best of 225 posts, today, we’ll be focusing on some Dining winners today.

First up: 225’s Best Sushi Winner, Tsunami.

The Green Monster Roll is prepared on Tues., Apr. 10, 2012 at Tsunami in downtown Baton Rouge. Tsunami has won Best Sushi in this year’s Best of 225 Awards. (Photo by Erin Parker/225)

As someone who was born and raised in Memphis, I didn’t get the whole Tsunami sushi thing until I visited Lafayette with an old roommate of mine during college and tried their sushi — my first sushi ever — for the first time.

Around that time, the restaurant opened their Baton Rouge location, and it has become a mainstay in downtown Baton Rouge. Every time I have visited, the restaurant and bar area have been hopping, and that hasn’t changed in several years.

Tsunami offers a several different rolls, including unique specialties from the beautiful and decadent Green Monster and Dragon Rolls, to the simple and delicious Cucumber Roll. They clearly have a lot to offer, and Baton Rougeans can’t get enough of their variety and the uniqueness of their rolls, as evidenced by this award.

To learn more about Tsunami and their specialty sushi rolls, visit their website and their Facebook page.

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