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Late night diners eat at Louie

Late night diners eat at Louie’s Cafe around 2:30 a.m. on Sat., Apr. 14, 2012. Louie’s Cafe has won Best Breakfast and Best Late Night Eats for this year’s 225 Best Of Awards. (Photo by Erin Parker/225)

Today, we’re continuing in last week’s Best of 225 edition. This morning, I’m highlighting a double winner from Best of 225: Dining 2012.

Late, late one Friday night/Saturday morning in April, my husband and I stayed up late. Waaaaaaaaaay past our bedtime. It wasn’t for kicks. Oh, no. It was for work. We stayed up because I knew that if I went to sleep, there was going to be nothing that could wake me when my alarm went off around 2 a.m. to go document an LSU landmark, Louie’s Cafe.

My assignment? Photographing the 24-hour diner at its busiest, as well as get some delectable shots of the food, as the cafe won not one, but two awards in this year’s Best Of 225 Awards.

What I forgot to factor in was LSU’s spring break and how this particular Friday night/Saturday morning was during that week. And how the cafe, while it was busy, was not nearly as busy as I remember it during my collegiate years when staying out past 2 a.m. was an acceptable practice. (Hi, I’m not-so-secretly an old person at the age of 27.)

However, the later we stayed, the more folks trickled in. And before long, I had some fabulous shots of the diner, as well as some of their breakfast specialties. Despite the late hour, I was thrilled with my final results, and the assignment took me back a few years; something that I thoroughly enjoyed.

To learn more about Louie’s Cafe, visit their website and their Facebook page.

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