Best of 225: Dining | Juban’s

An oyster carousel is presented at Juban

The Oyster Carousel is presented at Juban’s on Fri., Apr. 13, 2012. Juban’s has won Best Bread Pudding and Best Fine Dining Restaurant in this year’s Best of 225 Awards. (Photo by Erin Parker/225)

This afternoon, I’m sharing another 225 Best Of 2012: Dining two-category winner — Juban’s, a local haunt I have been hearing about (and salivating over) since I came to college nearly a decade ago.

Readers selected Juban’s as the Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Baton Rouge, as well as the restaurant with the Best Bread Pudding, and my instructions for this assignment were simple — photograph the bread pudding (which looked delicious) and another dish to showcase what Juban’s had to offer.

Upon further discussion with my editors, we decided upon the Oyster Carousel as this dish, wanting to photograph something a little different. And the oysters — with their various colors and various textures — looked magnificent displayed upon a simple white plate on top of the black granite bar.

To learn more about Juban’s, visit their website and their Facebook page.

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