Best Of 225: Entertainment & Nightlife | Sullivan’s Steakhouse

A Knockout martini is poured on Tues., Apr. 17, 2012. Sullivan’s Steakhouse won Best Martinis in this year’s Best of 225 Awards. (Photo by Erin Parker/225)

Next up, a winner from Best of 225: Entertainment & Nightlife 2012.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse edged out Duvic’s and Tsunami to claim the title of Best Martini in Baton Rouge for 2012. For the assignment, I was instructed to get a few images of a Knockout, one of Sullivan’s signature martinis. The drink features vodka soaked in pineapples before being poured into the mixed drink, complete with an orange peel and is a beautiful yellow/orange hue once in a martini glass.

The setting at Sullivan’s bar was perfect for the images required, and the drink, itself, looked beautiful, too. So beautiful, in fact, that the next time I was at Sullivan’s, I had to try it for myself! … And yes, it’s as delicious as it looks.

To learn more about Sullivan’s Steakhouse and their martinis, visit their website and their Facebook page.

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