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Stylist Jason Keller blows out Lucy Mercer Foval

Stylist Jason Keller blows out Lucy Mercer Foval's hair on Tues., Feb. 14, 2012, at Mercer Studio. Keller works at Mercer Studio, but also travels to New York City monthly to work at a salon there. (Photo by Erin Parker / inRegister)

Jason Keller is a local stylist who is making waves in Baton Rouge, as well as L.A. and New York City. The Mercer Studio stylist works in Baton Rouge during the week and travels to New York monthly for hair appointments.

We got the opportunity to chat about his career, his travels and what he’s up to. All I will say is I want to be able to make an impact like he is here in my town, and I want to be able to travel like he does!

To read more about him and what he’s up to, check out March’s edition of inRegister.

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