Things I’m Loving | March 2012

Spring has officially arrived in Baton Rouge, and I can hardly believe that our short winter is done. Temperatures have been rising, mosquitos have been swarming – eww – and plants have been blooming.

It’s beautiful around here, y’all, and I can hardly believe that March is nearly halfway gone.

  1. Baking. I made some awesome Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Cream Cheese Icing and Jameson Simple Syrup for St. Patty’s Day festivities. They were incredibly delicious, and I already know I’m going to have a hard time holding off to make these again until next year.
  2. March Madness. My bracket may be falling apart already, but I thoroughly enjoy this time of year because I love basketball… and the former basketball player who resides in my heart rejoices whenever someone mentions The Big Dance.
  3. Spring weather… minus the pollen and humidity. Does this really need an explanation? I think not.
  4. Podcasts. Specifically Shoot to Kill, the Joy the Baker Podcast and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! If you don’t listen to them, you should.
  5. Playing with my film cameras. This is a new thing. Obviously, I don’t use it for my PJ work, but I’m starting to do a little more personal work with my film cameras, and tinkering with film again makes my heart happy.
  6. More sunlight and more time outdoors. While transitioning into Daylight Saving’s Time is tough, the extra sunlight makes this yearly inconvenience worth it.

What are some things you’re loving this month?

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  • March 18, 2012 - 3:48 pm

    E - I am living in front of the TV for March Madness. Love it! Oh my gosh, I want to make those cupcakes so much. They sound amazing!ReplyCancel

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