On Assignment | Glen’s | 225

Co-owner Glen Bynum stands at the bar inside Glen

Co-owner Glen Bynum stands at the bar inside Glen's on Tues., Dec. 6, 2011. Bynum and longtime friend Bubba Phillips said they had been talking about opening a bar like this one for about 10 years. (Photo by Erin Parker / 225)

I visisted Glen’s, a new bar in Baton Rouge, to take some photos for 225 and learned from co-owner Glen Bynum that he and his longtime friend, Bubba Phillips, had been going back and forth about opening a bar for young professionals for about 10 years and put their plan into action in late 2011.

Bynum is no stranger to the nightclub scene in Baton Rouge, having run more than 20 bars since the ’70s, and it sounds like Glen’s is a promising new venture.

To learn more about Glen’s, check out the What’s Up item about it from the January edition of 225.

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