Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! How was y’alls week?

Mine has been pretty good. I worked a lot, but I also got to spend time with friends. Winston and I even got hooked on a new television show, thanks to Netflix Instant. (Heaven help us to be productive at nights until we finish all five seasons of Friday Night Lights.)

And since it’s Friday, I have some favorites for y’all:


  • Guitar Hero for photographers. No, really. It exists.
  • Starting a photo business this year? Check out The System. It’s got some great advice for you.
  • Arthur Hitchcock walked across the country in the short documentary, Hitchcock Walks, to raise awareness for breast cancer after his mom died. It’s beautifully done and poignant, into the mind of Hitchcock as he walks.
  • Darryl Webb’s post on When Baseballs Attack made me cringe, but also made me admire his sense of humor, as well as the baseball player’s humanity. As a professional photographer who has shot a lot of sports in her day, I always get the most nervous on the baseball diamond because the first game I ever shot, I took a foul ball to my heel — jumping so I didn’t take the hit to my knee instead. Webb was hit in the neck. And while I know my experience hurt, I know his had to be 110% worse.

Odds & Ends

What are some of your favorite things from the week?

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