Friday Favorites

It’s Friday again, y’all, and we are slowly creeping toward April. Crazy.

Who enjoyed springing forward this past weekend? I will say, I’m enjoying it now, though staying up into the wee hours of the morning for the first part of the week was painful and unavoidable. The good thing? Lucy isn’t waking us up early now. (I expect this will last about a week before she changes her sleeping times to accommodate the extra sunshine.) And there’s more light in the day, so there’s more time for afternoon/evening runs before the sun goes down!

That being said, here are some cool things I stumbled across this week on the Internet:


Odds & Ends

  • I absolutely adored what this couple did to introduce their baby to the world! Not only was the music beautiful and the idea cool, but I loved the progression of it. Check out their 9-month journey of photos, including images of the little one when she arrived.
  • When I read that The Adventures of Pete & Pete had a reunion in NYC last week, I squealed because I loved that show when I was little. And then I started thinking of all the shows I loved like that and wondering if there was ever a possibility for reunions with those.
  • My friend, Nicole, and her friend, Jamie, released their first iPhone app this week – Paper’d. I’ve already downloaded it and can tell you it’s awesome. Check it out, y’all!
  • Do you know your Hunger Name? Mine is Cup Tavistock. I was a District 9 tribute in the 61st Hunger Games and was killed by trying to escape. Wamp wamp.
  • In celebration of St. Patty’s Day this weekend, check out this video about rounding up your mates for a Guinness. … I’m TOTALLY training Lucy to do that for next St. Patrick’s Day!


Happy Friday, y’all! May you have a fantastic weekend, no matter where you are or what you’re doing!

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