Personal | The Rouge-Orleans Ultramarathon Relay

This past weekend, I joined five other ladies in running the Rouge-Orleans Relay.

The race snakes back and forth along Mississippi River levee between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It’s 126.2 miles. It’s grueling. And it is probably the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life. Not only was the course more challenging than one would expect, but the temperatures were working against us – dipping into the low twenties and windchills in the teens – during the nighttime hours.

I have never felt more proud or exhausted as I did when we crossed the finish in Audubon Park on Sunday morning.

Just knowing that we finished was the best feeling, and even though I swore I would never do another, there has already been talk of the next Girls on the Geaux ultra relay.

My beautiful Girls on the Geaux teammates. Clockwise, from top left: Heather, Jenn, Me (that’s my excited/exhausted face), Katie, Kristyn and Lindsey.

Have you ever done something like this?

Was it a good experience? And would you do it again?

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