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Lindsey Whitaker-Golden, vice president of The Pit Krewe, sits with her dog Ayla, inside a Baton Rouge apartment
Winter Morvant, President and Founder of The Pit Krewe, sits with her dog, Deuce, inside her Baton Rouge apartment

Lindsey Whitaker-Golden, left, vice president of The Pit Krewe, sits with her dog, Ayla, and Winter Morvant, right, president of The Put Krewe, sits with her dog, Deuce, inside a Baton Rouge apartment’s garage in July 2011. Morvant and Whitaker-Golden, along with their board and members, are “an advocacy group composed of pit bull families that encourage responsible ownership and strive for the fair treatment of pit bulls/pit bull families everywhere.”

I’m a dog person, so when I initially heard about The Pit Krewe and the feature we were planning on them I was thrilled. One of The Pit Krewe’s big pushes is pit bull advocacy in the community, and they sell a calendar each year, aptly titled Pistons, Pinups and Pit Bulls, to raise awareness and money.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I was set to meet the founder and president, Winter Morvant, as well as her VP, Lindsey Whitaker-Golden, but when I walked to the door, heard a familiar bark, and the jingling of a collar, I knew this shoot was going to be fun.

When Winter opened the door, her black and white pit, Deuce, nosed his way out, sniffing and tail wagging.

We set up the shoot in her garage, highlighting a truck the group was working on, as well as the previous year’s wall calendar in the background, taking some individual photos, as well as a few group images for the magazine.

We spent about an hour shooting, and it was a blast! Something about working with animals and their owners makes me incredibly happy, and I love the element of spontaneity they bring to a shoot.

Needless to say, the photos turned out beautifully.


To read the article about the Pit Krewe’s 2012 Pistons, Pinups & Pit Bulls calendar, click here.

To see what the Pit Krewe is up to in the new year and to order their calendar, check out their blog and their Facebook page.

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  • February 1, 2012 - 11:09 am

    kim - You know I’m an avid dog owner, so I love this already. But through my work with Stiggy’s Dogs and having owned a dog I suspect was part pittie himself, I have to say that the pitbull breed is the most misunderstood and unfairly maligned. They are AMAZING dogs. And these are amazing pics.ReplyCancel

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