On Assignment | Running in Baton Rouge | 225

I had the utmost pleasure in spending a month working closely with fellow freelancer Amy Alexander to photograph the 225 Running Guide.

It was a huge project to undertake. Overall, I photographed at least 15 runners, attended a few races and several practice runs, visited Amy’s home to photograph various pieces of running swag, and ended up spending an hour and a half with Jenni Peters, a local running legend and shop owner.

Jenni Peters, owner and founder of Varsity Running, runs in Baton RougeJenni Peters, owner and founder of Varsity Running, runs in Baton Rouge’s City Park on Wed., Nov. 16, 2011. Peters said her favorite distance race is a half marathon because a runner has time to find their stride. (Photo by Erin Parker / 225)


This guide meant a lot to me because, y’all probably don’t know, but I’m a runner, too. (Not a crazy fast runner or a particularly good one, but a runner nonetheless.) Getting the chance to speak to, spend time with and photograph all these local runners was inspirational and pushed me to continue and strengthen my own running.

It took a long time for everything to come together, but I can honestly say this guide came from our hearts. And we truly hope you enjoy it.

To see the whole running guide (and the many, many photos taken for it), head on over to 225’s website and check it out here.

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