Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y’all!

How are you? How’s your week been?

My week has been an uber-productive one, with various shoots and edits. When I’m working at home, I find myself forgetting about coffee, and then when I brew it, I realize why I love it so. … And I can safely say coffee has been the thing that kept me on task/ahead of task this week. (Am I the only one? Please say I’m not.)

And now, it’s time for some Friday Favorites!

Check it out…


Odds & Ends

  • Rock the Shot has some awesome blogging tips that are applicable for photographers and basically everyone else who has a blog. Check it out!
  • If you’re a huge public radio fan like I am, check this video out. Chances are, you’ll crack a smile while listening to it because you’ve said something similar.
  • I’ve never been one for life and/or bucket lists because there is so much I want to do and accomplish. However, I ran across The Perfect Bucket List earlier this week, and I have thoroughly enjoyed some of the posts there.
  • I love HelloGiggles, and their post listing 10 reasons that running doesn’t suck as much as you think made me laugh because it’s so true!

Here’s to a beautiful, productive and FUN weekend, wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing!


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