Things I’m Loving | September

It’s hard to believe that the month of September has flown by so quickly and that it is already OCTOBER.

In September, there was a lot to love…

  1. College football season! Tailgating! Home games and seeing friends and family at said games. And, basically, anything pertaining to the LSU Tigers. Football season kicking off is one of my favorite things about my birth month, and I love how involved everyone is down here.
  2. Apple cider. Because everybody knows this is the best fall-y drink there is. (Without caramel, por favor.)
  3. Pinterest. I held off for an extended period of time because I knew this website would quickly become an addiction. And it has, though I’m trying to limit it as much as possible so I don’t lose days/weeks of time on this beautiful, inspiring website. … If we’re not friends already on Pinterest, you can follow me here.
  4. Being crafty. Lately, I’ve wanted to get my hands dirty and add some funky art/projects to our home. When I saw this tutorial, you better believe I made a similar piece of art for our home. (And yes, it looks fabulous!) Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been able to keep track of all these fun crafty things I want to complete, and I have been knocking them down left and right!
  5. Fall weather. It’s been a long time coming down here in Louisiana, but we finally felt it this weekend! I just hope it sticks around!
  6. All the lovely fall items from J. Crew. Seriously. I heart them all, and if we had more of a fall/winter down here, I would be visiting their store to pick up some cooler weather essentials.

What did you love last month? And what are you looking forward to in October?


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