Friday Favorites

It’s Friday, once again, and I don’t know about y’all, but this weekend is looking like it will be a good one, simply because this weekend, we are actually getting to relax. Kind of.

(And when I say relax, I only mean that because this week’s LSU game is away, which means there will be no house guests, and we will not be spending our entire Saturday tailgating and cheering our Tigers on.)

What do y’all have on tap for this weekend?

While you’re pondering that, check out this week’s favorite links…


  • Damir Sagolj’s images from North Korea – those especially of the children and people on the streets looking for food – are haunting, and his words broke my heart. I have to agree with him when he says, “It is us who can change the world. Picture by picture, word by word. What about reaching hands?” And hopefully, now that these images of malnutrition are being seen around the world, those children who are suffering can get the help they need.
  • These portraits of pets with disabilities by Carli Davidson amaze me because it is incredible to see the happiness and liveliness of these dogs. They live their lives as if they have no disability, and that, along with their owners’ devotion to put in some extra work to make sure they are happy and healthy, is inspiring. (Thanks for sharing, Alyssa!)
  • Is a photojournalist only as good as the equipment he uses? Some interesting and insightful points from the Chicago Tribune’s Alex Garcia.
  • Joe Farace answers the question, “What is the best camera?” with a simple and true quote from a Pulitzer winner.
  • Elizabeth Halford’s how-to on metering from one area and focusing on another is brilliant and super helpful if you’ve ever had questions/problems with this.
  • I adore Jasmine Star’s most recent Shooting Star video on the importance of being YOU and showcasing who you are. I am loving the quote, “Friends don’t let friends be ordinary.”
  • A creatively way to show you are sick of working for free. Fellow freelancers, how many times have y’all heard “the project doesn’t really have much of a budget,” but it’ll be great exposure and a great way to start off your career? Yeah, me too.
  • A Nikon DSLR factory has been hit by the worst floods to swamp Thailand in 50 years. And it has shut down, along with a Sony facility.
  • In the meantime, maybe hold off on purchasing a new DSLR. Both Canon and Nikon are expected to make announcements this fall on new camera bodies that are even higher end…
  • I loved reading about G.J. McCarthy’s inspiration and the way he photographed Faces of the Fair. Definitely a different way to document a yearly event!
  • Photographer Jan von Holleben used his signature style and items found in a girl’s bedroom to illustrate her dreams. Pretty crazy, huh?
  • Peter Menzel’s photos of people with everything they own are fascinating. (Thanks for sharing, Pham!)

Odds & Ends

  • This vase is absolutely stunning. And I think I need one for my office.
  • These paintings and illustrations inspired by Harry Potter are incredible. And if we had a kid right now, I’d be buying A LOT of these for their room. Love them!
  • If you’re like me and are easily distracted when working from home, check out Miranda July’s “A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted.” If I could do those steps daily, I would be so productive.
  • If you’ve been dealing with some warmer weather, check out Lacey’s recipe for homemade cherry limeade! It looks delicious and like the perfect kind of treat for a warm fall day!
  • Someone please come to Baton Rouge and help me make my home office look like one of these!
  • This infographic of what states are good at made me laugh out loud! I have no idea that Shelby County (my home county in TN) has more horses per capita than any other county in the country! (Thanks for sharing, Shatterboxx!)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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