Friday favorites

So, for whatever reason, I cannot get to sleep today, so I am awake now at 4 a.m. and, subsequently, watching the Royal Wedding. Are any of y’all doing the same thing? (I hope so, and judging from my FB feed, I am not the only one awake at this hour.)

Whatever the case, let’s get this party started…

First and foremost, The Big Picture posted images from the devastation in the South from the tornado and severe weather outbreak Wednesday. The weather was terrifying here, and we didn’t have a tornado. Seeing the damage and the people effected via these photos and hearing from friends in Alabama makes my heart ache.

In case you were wondering: How to credit. (Sidenote: This is a wonderful thing to know. … Just sayin’.)

I don’t know what it is about night photographs, but I absolutely adore these and how eerie they appear since no one is in any of the images.

Read an interesting take on Japan’s nuclear crisis and its effect on photogs.

Some great quotes from Dan Winters about photography and a photographer career.

The similar faces of disaster – frame by frame. This post both fascinates me that, when faced with the same life-changing disasters on two different continents, humans react similarly.

Ami Vitale, one of my favorite PJs, on trusting your instincts.

Happy weekend, friends!



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