Weddings and parades | Baton Rouge Lifestyle Photographer

Last weekend, my husband and I trekked down to Baton Rouge for the wedding of one of my sorority sisters. (My great grand little, to be exact… and to prove how old I am in sorority years!)

The wedding was beautiful and all the details sang of Leah and Peter’s love. The reception was SO much fun… and I especially enjoyed all the homemade desserts and the s’more station. And then after the reception, some members of my sorority family, our significant others and I went to a Mardi Gras parade.

In true photographer fashion, I wanted to document the members of our tiny “krewe” before we headed down to catch beads… and beg for plastic swords from the actual krewe members on the floats. (Alas, we did not succeed in getting a sword.)


Aren’t we a happy-looking bunch?

Happy weekend, friends!

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