Friday favorites

Yes, I know it’s Saturday. This feature will remain Friday favorites. (And I promise to get better at this whole blogging thing. There’s just a lot going on… and a lot of exciting things coming soon that I simply cannot wait to tell you about!)

Late is better than never, right?
(Just say, “Right.”)

Here we go:

This Lady Gaga quote is so true. (Thanks for sharing, Becka!)

Kevin Miyazaki’s Portraits of a Protest in Wisconsin are stunning.

Read the harrowing account of the four NYT journalists who were held captive in Libya.

Dogs! Sleds! Pretty pictures!

This photographer trekked into one of the world’s most active volcanoes with some researchers and came back with some incredible images.

And, since it’s Saturday, I really, really want some cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread for breakfast.

Happy weekend, friends!


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