Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone!

As y’all know (and might be experiencing), it snowed. But not in Nashville… even though we’re supposed to be getting ice today. Yikes. (And if you’re still snowed in? Check out this awesome soup that would be perfect for a snow day… or week…)

I love Justin and Mary’s pancake sessions. The most recent two? On finding balance and guilt.

You know that book, The Call of the Wild? I loved it when I was a kid. And these photos kind of took me back to it.

I cannot imagine being on the frontlines in Egypt, but someone has to be there to document history. Here is one PJ’s story.
They are now selling a photographer’s survival manual, for all the business things they don’t really teach you when you decide to become a photog.

And a final something, brought to you by my photojournalist tendencies. I love it because this is SO TRUE.

Here’s to hoping this day is a good one and this weekend is even better.
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