Weddings in 2011 | Tennessee Wedding Photographer

I learned Friday evening that a family friend and her fiance want me to document their wedding later this year!

Having just gotten married this past October, I get even more excited because I just went through it myself. I think about the days before the wedding with my fiance, the excitement, my best friends and family around me the day of and the beauty in the details. I think about how quickly it flew by. I think about how thankful I am that our photographer, Holly, was there to document each moment.

Being chosen to document the wedding of someone you have known for years? It is truly an honor.

In celebration, here is a favorite wedding shot from 2010:

{taken while shooting second with Nashville photographer, J. Michael Krouskop in the spring}

Are you getting married this year? If so, what are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

Have you been married for a while? If so, what is the one thing that stands out in your mind from your wedding day?

Happy Sunday, friends!


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