Christmas shopping traffic

Confession: I have always been an early Christmas shopper. As in, when the month of December rolls around, I want to either be finished completely or to know everything I have left to purchase for friends and family so I can be done. And so I don’t have to deal with the crowds. (Just thinking about them makes me cringe.)

Well, that didn’t work out for us this year. Between a crazy work schedule and finals, neither of us were able to get the jump start needed to finish our shopping early, and because of this, we spent most of yesterday finishing up and fighting the crowds at the mall, at the Factory and on the roads. It was not nearly as bad as I imagined, and we are now officially good to go for the season.

When we got home last night, I was struck by an idea: traffic was worse than usual, and I wanted to make an image – a slow shutter-speed image – of all the crazy traffic near our home. So we bundled up, put a leash on Lucy and headed out. And that is exactly what I did:

This was the first image I snapped. I used a 13 second shutter speed (with an f22 aperture) on this one to really capture the craziness.

And I used the same settings on this image, and I like how there is more of a division between the action and the standstill. I’m loving the streetlight shining through the leaves, too.

What did you do yesterday? And have you finished your holiday shopping already?

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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