A blustery day

I’m a native Memphian. This means, whenever there is a threat of snow – and even if the said threat is minimal – I feel the need to run to the grocery store to purchase milk and bread in preparation for the snow storm. Yes, I know this is ridiculous. Yes, I know this isn’t a good thing. And yes, I have spent years trying to overcome this.

Yesterday, I dragged my sweet husband to Trader Joe’s to purchase a few essentials for the weekend (and for the snow, though I tried my best not to mention this.) We ended up coming home with more than we needed, but I was mentally and now physically prepared if it should snow.

This morning, I woke up to discover it had not snowed overnight, and I was disappointed. But lo and behold, snow flurries began as I was preparing for church, and by the mid-afternoon, the snow was coming down hard.

Lucy and I went outside to check out the snow situation.

We discovered some unhappy plants:

And that snow sticks to my pup’s fur:

And that once you get back inside from the snow and warm your fingers a little, it’s fun to take a self-portrait in a shiny ornament – one preferably given to you by a friend – on your mini Christmas tree:

Kick back, relax (and possibly warm your soul with a drink like this) and enjoy this lovely, blustery Sunday.

Happy snow day, y’all!

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