Friday favorites

Oh, hello there! Yes, I’m still here. And yes, I’m making more of an effort to pour some time into this blog.

So let’s start this streak back up with Friday favorites…

If I make it to Austin anytime soon, I’m checking out the Magnum exhibit at the University of Texas. It sounds amazing! (And Texas friends? Y’all better look into this for me!)

Some famous photographs have been recreated using Legos. Awesome/hilarious!

Somebody had to say it. I’m glad Jean-François Leroy did.

Andrew Fingerman made an excellent list of marketing ideas from outside the photography realm that us photographers should make use of. Umm, yeah. I need to work on all of these…

Cleva Media is blogging the World Cup. The Big Picture has posted various images from opening weekend. (I love/cringe when I see the photos of the photographers and how crowded it is. But the colors! And the action! And THE WORLD CUP!)

This list of the top 10 ways to make a photographer fall in love with you made me smile.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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