The old ferris wheel

I know, I know. I said I was hopping back on the bandwagon of updating you daily, and I fall off as soon as I make the statement.

If last week was busy, this week has been HECTIC with the amount of assignments I’ve shot and everywhere I have been. It has been a really good experience, and I’ve done a lot of good work, even though I am really tired. Y’all are in for a HUGE week in review post on Sunday. Trust me.

So the following image was snapped Sunday at the fair. I love the fair, and I went quite a bit when I was a kid. Especially since my school district let us out one Friday every year for ‘Fair Day.’ So when I think of the fair, I’m immediately brought back to my childhood, eating a corn dog, riding the swings and wondering if maybe this year I could ride the roller coaster. I had horrible motion sickness as a kid, and I wasn’t able to ride many rides because of this. So that roller coaster? Not a good idea.

I want to dedicate the following image to my friend, Elizabeth, who has never been to the fair. We need to remedy this, chica!

Photo by Erin Parker

Happy Thurdsay, y’all!

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